RICE [Level★]

How to Cook Delicious White Rice

In this article, we carefully explains how to cook rice in a rice cooker.
We use Tokyo Mart blend KOSHIHIKARI rice.

The rice is fluffy, glossy, and pure white. It’s just a matter of washing the rice and cooking it, but if you pay attention to a few key points, you can make your usual rice taste much better.

Once you learn how to cook rice in a rice cooker, 
it will be dead simple to repeat for consistent, fluffy and 
delicious rice every time.

Ingredients     (4 Servings)

  • Rice      3Rice Measuring Cup    180 mL(150g) × 3
  • Water 600 mL               200 mL × 3


Using a measuring cup, measure out 1 cup 1 cup is about 150 grams.
② The first water absorbs well, so add good quality water. Immerse in water and mix lightly 4times, then quickly discard the water.
③ Transfer the rice to a bowl and stir it about 20 times with a light hand grip.
④ Stir 20 times, add water.
⑤ Discard the water two or three times.
⑥ When you can see the rice through it, sharpening is finished.
⑦ Transfer the rice to a colander and drain well.
⑧ Transfer the rice to the inner pot of the rice cooker. Add good quality water and stir gently. Flatten the rice, cover with a lid.
Soak for 30 to 40 minutes.
⑩ Start cooking rice.
⑪ After the rice is done cooking, steam for 15 minutes and open the lid.
Stirring to release excess steam and remove moisture.

📌 Japanese rice is highly polished, and rice should be sharpened gently.
📌 To store rice, keep it in an airtight container with appropriate temperature and       humidity and away from direct sunlight.
📌 If the rice and water are measured correctly, the dish will be delicious.
📌 Use purified, high-quality water for washing and for cooking rice to increase         the taste.

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  🍚 About Rice
The significance of rice in Japanese culture cannot be overstated. It is the daily staple and the fundamental element of Japanese cuisine. Whether you want to venture into Japanese cooking, or just want to make sushi for a party, the first steps are to learn the basics of rice.
We use Tokyo Mart blend KOSHIHIKARI rice. It is also recommended for sushi.
You can see recipes in the video as well.⬇️