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🍃 Why we introduce easy Japanese cooking?

Tokyo Mart is a very popular Japanese supermarket even for Local on GUAM. Most of Japanese customer has experience to help Local customers to encounter the question, “What is this for? Which one do I put in to make sushi? We started Japanese cooking on GUAM for the people on Guam who love Japanese food.
Japanese dishes and Local Chamorro “finedeni sauce” both based on using soy sauce. So Local like soy sauce base cooking. Even many of Japanese women use readymade Japanese sauce for family cooking. We want to introduce those items and want to enjoy and become more familiar with Japanese cooking.

Plus, many Guam-raised kids who have left Guam for the US mainland! We decided to challenge ourselves to make a video for the first time as a trio, Mama, Mommy and Mammy. We’ll be sharing advice on how to make the video on this blog, including tips on how to cook it. We appreciate to Tokyo Mart to be sponsor for this program.


Mom: Video shooting and editing

Under stay at home orders, I learned Video editing. I have always been indebted to The Local’s love for Japanese food but seem un-familiar with the unique seasoning available. Introducing, Japanese recipes that can be done fast and easy.

Mama: Cooking Recipe, Cooking, photo shooting coordination

Taking Advantage of my experience of catering Japanese food for 10 years on Guam, I devise a menu that is as simple and easy to make. I hope many people will become familiar with Japanese food and Cooking.

Mammy: Website & YouTube

On the blog site, I will tell you detailed advice and points that YouTube can not convey. At the shooting site, I would like to support them so that they do not get in the way.

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