TAKOYAKI [Level★★]

Takoyaki (Samurai ball) is one of Japan’s most popular street foods.

Takoyaki is a Japanese snack in the shape of little round balls containing pieces of octopus. TAKOYAKI literally translates to “octopus-grilled/fried”.

They are known as “samurai balls” to foreigners visiting Japan. Guam also has food stalls.

Ingredients     (40pieces)

  • 1 1/2 cup            NISSHIN TAKOYAKI KO
  • 2 1/2 cup            Cold water
  • 2 pieces               Eggs
  • 5 oz                     Octopus
  • 1 oz                     TENKASU (FRIED WHEAT FLOUR)
  • 1 oz                     BENI SHOGA (RED PICKLED GINGER )
  • 1 oz                     Green onion
  • Some                   Oil


  • As needed                       Bull-Dog TAKOYAKI SAUSE
  • As needed         DRIED BONITO
  • As needed                       AONORI (DRIED SEAWEED)
  • As needed             Kewpie Mayonnaise


①Cut green onions into small pieces.Drain and finely chop red ginger.Cut the octopus into 40 equal pieces (1/2 inch).

②In a bowl, beat the eggs well and add cold water.Add TAKOYAKI flour in two or three parts and mix well.Use cold water to make the dough smooth.

③Heat a takoyaki pan over medium to high heat and add more oil to the holes and around the pan.Pour the dough into the hole up to about the seventh part.

④Put the octopus in one at a time.Add tenkasu (FRIED WHEAT FLOUR)
Sprinkle the green onions.Sprinkle red ginger all over.

⑤Pour the dough around the griddle.

⑥Wait for about 4 minutes.When the edges of the dough start to turn white, separate the dough along the holes.Turn the dough over to enclose the surrounding dough.

⑦Keep returning it so that it forms a nice sphere. Where there are holes, add batter to the holes.

⑧Switch locations to avoid uneven cooking.
⑨When the surface is crispy, it is done.
⑩Top with tako-yaki sauce, aonori, dried bonito flakes, and mayonnaise.

📌The dough should be a little watery to make the inside thick and the outside crispy.
📌No seasoning is needed if you use takoyaki flour with DASHI.


    ★  We used an electric takoyaki machine, but you can also buy fluorine-coated takoyaki pans at Tokyo Mart. For fluorine-coated pans, use bamboo skewers.⬇️


$19.99 at TOKYO MART

You can see recipes in the video as well.⬇️