OKONOMIYAKI (Japnaenes Style pancake) [Level ★★]

OKONOMIYAKI baked in a frying pan.

A fluffy and thick OKONOMIYAKI. A frying pan is actually recommended to cook it like a specialty restaurant. This time, I cooked each piece in a frying pan (8 inches in diameter). It’s easy to shape and the thickness comes out well. As for the toppings, please use Japanese mayonnaise!

Popular street food from Osaka,Japan, OKONOMIYAKI is a savory version of Japanese pancake, made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and your choice of protein, and topped with a variety of condiments.

Ingredients   (2 Servings)

  • 3.5 oz                      NISSHIN OKONOMI YAKI KO
  • 5 oz (2/3 cup)         Water
  • 5 oz                        Sliced Pork
  • 10 oz                    Cabbage
  • 1piece                    Egg
  • 1/2 oz                    TENKASU (FRIED WHEAT FLOUR)
  • 1 oz                        Green onion
  • 1/2oz                      BENI SHOGA (RED PICKLED GINGER)
  • Some                      Oil


  • 2pieces                 Eggs
  • As needed            OKONOMIYAKI SAUSE
  • As needed            DRIED BONITO
  • As needed            AONORI (DRIED SEAWEED)
  • As needed            Kewpie Mayonnaise


① Roughly chop the cabbage.Cut green onions into small pieces. Cut the pork into desired size pieces.

② Put water in a bowl, add OKONOMIYAKI flour. Mix lightly.

③ Add cabbage, green onions, tenkasu, and red ginger.With a spoon, mix quickly to incorporate air into the mixture and add one egg.Divide the dough into 1/2 portions.

④ Heat a thin layer of oil in a frying pan over medium heat.Pour the batter and spread the pork on top.

⑤ Crack an egg in the middle if you like.

⑥ After 3 to 4 minutes, when the surrounding area starts to brown, turn over.

⑦ Cover and steam for 5 to 6 minutes.

⑧ Turn over again and cook for 2 minutes.Bake for 2 minutes and transfer to a plate.Spread OKONOMIYAKI sauce, mayonnaise. Sprinkle with green laver, dried bonito flakes, etc.

⑨ Bake the other sheet in the same way.

📌 If making on a hot plate, heat to 400F. If you don’t have a lid, spread the batter thinly and cook it.
📌 If you don’t have a lid, spread the dough out thinly and cook it. The lid will make the OKONOMIYAKI thick and fluffy.
📌 In addition to pork, toppings such as shrimp, squid, rice cake, cheese, etc. are also recommended.

After TAKOYAKI, OKONOMIYAKU is another popular street food in Japan, and is so popular all over Japan that the ingredients and toppings vary from region to region.


❤︎ Is recipe for TAKOYAKI that you can find here!  ❤︎

★ Useful goods


With this flour you can easily make authentic and soft Japanese OKONOMIYAKI.
Nisshin Okonomiyaki Flour already contains dashi mixed with the flour.


 ★ Okonomi Sauce has been loved by Japanese people for many years.

Japanese mayo has a rich egg flavor, a tangy and sweeter taste, and is creamier  in both color and texture.


You can see recipes in the video as well.⬇️