DASHIMAKI (Japanese Omelet) [Level ★★]

Professional grade DASHIMAKI (Japanese Omelet)

If you use HONDASHI, you can make flavorful dashimaki eggs. If you can roll it well, it will look professional.

Japanese Omelet is called "DASHIMAKI" in Japan, and every 
household has a square frying pan.Square pans can be 
purchased at Tokyo Mart.

Ingredients     (4 Servings)

  • 4 pieces         Egg
  • 1 tsp                         HONDASHI
  • 4 tbsp                       warm water
  • 1 tbsp                       Sugar
  • 1 tsp                         Soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp       Oil


① Mix together all seasonings except oil.
② Break the eggs into a bowl and beat well
③ Add① seasoning to eggs.
④ Heat an egg cooker over medium-low heat. And blend in the oil.

⑤ Heat an egg cooker over medium-low heat.and blend in the oil.
Beat a thin layer of the egg mixture.
When it is half-boiled, roll it from the other side toward the front.

⑥ Move the rolled up egg to the other side.Pour in the oil and pour in the egg mixture again.From the other side toward the front.Lift up the egg roll and pour the egg mixture underneath.Repeat in the same way.Shape the DASHIMAKI roll.

⑦ Remove from heat and cut into bite-sized pieces.

If it is difficult to roll with chopsticks, you can use a rubber spatula to make it easier.
The final result will be beautiful if the curling is done well, so don’t be in a hurry.

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