TEMPURA [Level ★★★]

[TEMPURA] should use tempura powder!

Mom’s secret technique makes shrimp tempura look professional.
Using Japanese vegetables is even more delicious.Preparation is important!!

You’ll find plenty of helpful tips and tricks for making the crispy batter and delicious dipping sauce. I am here to tell you that it is possible to make the perfectly-airy, crispy, and non-greasy tempura right from your home.

Ingredients     (4 Servings)

  • 8 pieces ( 1lb size 8/12 )    Shrimp
  • 4 Pieces                             Shiitake mushroom
  • 1 small Pieces                   Eggplant
  • 4 slice                                Pumpkin
  • 4 Pieces                             Seaweed
  • 7 oz                                   SHOWA TEMPURA KO
  • 11 oz                                 Cold water
  • Fried oil As needed


① Shiitake mushrooms – Remove and discard the stem and make a decorative cut on the cap.
② Kabocha – Without peeling the skin, thinly sliced.Bell Peppers cut in half and take the seeds.
③ Eggplant – Cut the eggplant slices leaving the top 1-inch part intact.
Gently press down on the eggplants to fan the slices out.
④ Cut the laver into four pieces.
⑤ Pull off the outer shell. Keep the last segment of shell and the tail tip on.
⑥ Devein the back of shrimp with a skewer. Remove dirty water in the tail by holding the tip of the knife down on the tail
⑦ The vein runs right along the back.Insert the tip of skewer sideways and pull the skewer tip.
⑧ Make a couple of slits underside. Hold the shrimp with both hands and bend it backwards  to make it straight.
⑨   Sprinkle some TEMPURA KO and coat the shrimp.
⑩   Keep your water refrigerated so it’s icy cold.Mix with TEMPURA KO.It’s even helpful to leave some floury lumps in the batter.
⑪  Depending on the ingredients, we are looking at the range of 320-360°F.Keep the oil temperature steady at all times.
⑫  When the batter hardens and the vigorous bubbles become quiet and small, it’s ready.

TENTSUYU recipe (4 Servings)
・7 oz Water
When choosing vegetables, you’d want to avoid vegetables 
with high water content.
  ★  Point!
・Only half of the oil surface should be covered with ingredients.
・The colder the water in the batter the better.
Pick up crumbs in the oil between batches.
・Fry the vegetables first and the shrimp last at high temperature.
(Seafood contains a lot of water)
・Deep fry the shrimp and add batter on top until golden brown.
Watch the videos and learn the techniques of the moms😻
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